Farmastur 2010 production facilities include two dedicated plants for the synthesis of sterile and non-sterile penicillanic derivatives and a multipurpose production plant for campaign manufacturing.

The main manufacturing units in the plant embrace:
- Penicillanic derivatives dedicated area.
- Production unit for hazardous products containment.
- Sterile manufacturing unit.
- Clean area for final product treatment in the multipurpose unit.
- A hydrogenation plant.

Sewage from chemical processes is collected for neutralization and biological treatment before disposal.

Non-sterile production

Farmastur has a wide experience in the synthesis of APIs belonging to several pharmaceutical categories: antibiotics, penicillin derivatives, cardiocirculatory, antineoplastics, antiarthritics, etc under cGMP regulations.

We traditionally export to markets such as USA, Japan, European Union, South America, Turkey, India.

Farmastur plant in Silvota has a production capacity of 70,000 litres, including glass-lined reactors (up to 6,000 litres), stainless steel reactors (up to 3,000 litres) and glass reactors (up to 200 litres).

Plant main services include WFI, PW, steam, compressed air, cooling water, brine, nitrogen blanketing, etc...

Sterile production

Farmastur 2010 has an independent 500m2 classified production area (grade D to A) for the obtention of sterile penicillin derivatives.

In this area we carry out the production of the following APIs:

- Sterile Sodium Sulbactam
- Sodium Sulbactam + Sodium Ampicillin Sterile Mixture

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